Freelance Business Specialist

Unlike large enterprise organizations, your small or medium size business (SMB) probably can’t afford to have full-time  staff. That is where VerdiBleu can help!

Do you need a Marketing/Sales/Social Media Marketing/PR/Event Management/Sponsorship or Fundraising Business Specialist?
Our skilled Business Specialists are computer literate and proficient in a variety of computer applications.

VerdiBleu is available to work, hourly, part-time or full-time to keep your life running smoothly.
We feel that every client is different, and each request is unique. Our goal is to decipher just the type of  Freelance Business Specialist you need and provide every client with exactly the right kind of help.

Our years of experience and consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations have earned us trust and respect in the industry and an extensive track record of success in both the private and public sector.

Our philosophy is based on communication: we listen carefully to each client, and that helps us figure out exactly what you need.
Whether you are local, national, or international we can work with you in your time zone and communicate in the way that is most convenient to you – email, telephone or fax.

Our  Office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.